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Before installation

Before your carpet is professionally installed, there are some steps you should take to keep it as easy as possible. Note that Carpet Spectrum is not liable for damage to baseboards, molding, or personal property.

Before you even finalize the purchase, if you have a specific direction for the pattern or layout of the carpet, you should discuss it with Carpet Spectrum's experts. In some cases, extra material will need to be used to perfect the look.

Before installation, remove any furniture or other items that would block installation. Valuable items should be boxed up and moved to different rooms, hanging objects should be removed and electronic devices should be disconnected or moved. Carpet Spectrum's installers should have a place to store and cut flooring, as well as access to electrical power.

If the installation requires sanding, cupboards and furniture should be covered in order to prevent them from being covered in dust.

Once the installation is complete, inspect the carpet. If you have any concerns, tell your installers immediately. Some touch-up work may need to happen to make everything work together--doors may need to be trimmed, molding may need to be modified, etc. Your installer should be able to tell you what needs to be done. While the installation crew will remove whatever waste is generated by the installation process, the customer is responsible for cleaning the carpet. Finally, your new carpet will need to be ventilated (using fans) for 72 hours after installation.